Would you like to dim a lamp by pointing at it?

hat if you could dim your lights by simply pointing at it? Or change what you are watching on the television with an easy swipe? Before you needed a smartphone to do all of these things, but with Bird you will only need your fingers.

What is it?
Bird is a tiny device that fits easily around your index finger. With this tiny device you can make any surface or device interactive. Using Bird, you can for example; touch, pull, push, swipe or grab your spreadsheets from anywhere in the room, as moving your fingers causes interactions with a digital display.

How does it work?
Movement, location, orientation, force and closeness of the wearer are measured through sensors. These measures are then being compared to specific objects to determine what the wearer wants to do. Bird also contains a microphone, in which voice commands get registered, and a capacitive sensor, to register touches between the thumb and the index finger.

What does it do?
The sensors of Bird can be used with other IoT gadgets to tell where the wearer is pointing at and these movements can then be translated into actions. This way you can dim the light or adjust your ‘smart’ thermometer with some simple movements of your finger. As well as interacting with ‘smart’ applications, Bird is also suited for Mac and Windows computers and mobile devices that use iOS or Android. It is even possible to fly a drone with Bird.

Unfortunately, it is not possible yet to buy your own Bird. You can, however, preorder a Bird for $399. MUV Interactive will begin their delivery in autumn 2016, so you won’t have to wait long. The device will be delivered with a base unit, a cradle, which can also be used to charge your Bird, and apps that are used to integrate Bird with your own devices.

MUV Interactive
Bird is created by the Israeli startup company, MUV Interactive. This company was founded in 2010 by CEO Rami Parham and COO Yuval Ben-Zeev. MUV Interactive has been developing Bird for more than five years. Since April this year MUV Interactive has, in partnership with Silicon Technology, launched Bird in Japan. Silicon Technology is a electronic distribution company from Japan. With this launch, MUV Interactive is trying to focus mainly on the uses of Bird in the classrooms or in meetings.This startup has only just begun, and we at the IoT Academy can’t wait to see their future.

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