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We believe in the value of data and help organizations with transforming data into actionable insights.
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What we do

Data is an indispensable asset. Organizations have a growing need to process exponentially larger and more complex datasets. Successful leverage of data offers access to numerous new opportunities to improve business and stay competitive. The challenge is the sheer data volume that is generated each day, meaning that crucial information is hidden in plain sight. However, advances in machine learning, predictive analysis, probabilistic reasoning, simulation and event stream processing have opened up new possibilities to leverage data to its full potential. Ureason has years of experience with translating data into new actionable insights.

How we can help

Our in-house developed software plays an important role in the proper analysis of (live) data streams and the automation of operational processes associated with them. The versatility and the ability to process live data combined with historical and external data, makes our software unique.

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