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In the field of Internet of Things, STN advises and supports our supporters in setting up IoT projects in SMEs. We deliver both standard IoT projects and those that are fully-tailored to your needs. By learning from past mistakes we gather more and more information that you can use as an SME. STN already provides sector-specific IoT services to affiliated sector and umbrella organisations, which are supplied with a discount.
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What we do

20 years ago the Stichting Telecom & internetgebruikers Nederland (STN, Dutch Telecom & Internet Users Organisation) was established in order to advise members of affiliate and umbrellas organisations in the field of telecommunication. Its aim is to act as a representative of and guide to the telecoms sector with a reliable benefit scheme. These aims are still central to the day-to-day service provided by STN – Strong in telecoms together! IoT has since been added to these aims.

How we can help

STN IoT provides custom advice, helps you to find the best solution for your organisation and delivers this solution at the best price. Want to find out what possibilities IoT can offer your company? Please contact us using the form on our website.

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