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Stichting Telecom & internetgebruikers Nederland (sTN) was founded more than 20 years ago to assist members of Industry trade associations in telecommunication issues. The main purpose was to support and advice these SME Enterprises in telecommunication solutions and arrange a reliable discount. Nowadays these goals are still highly valuated within our company – Together strong in telecom!
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What we do

We support and assist affiliated companies in setting up IoT-projects. We provide projects with standard IoT-solutions as well as totally custom made projects. Of course we can manage your system and provide you excellent service. For a number of affiliated Industry trade associations we already supply industry specific IoT-services, which we sell with an interesting discount.

How we can help

sTN will help you find the best solution for your organization, at the best price.

Interested in the IoT-opportunities for your company, feel free to visit our website and fill in the form: https://goo.gl/3Pb3zb.

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